Cotton represents about 70% of our company's product volumes. In recent years, we have embarked on a transitional path that will lead us to use exclusively sustainable cotton by 2025, in its organic, recycled and Better Cotton variants.

Organic cotton comes from non-genetically modified plants , treated exclusively with natural products, and with no exposure to chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and therefore has a lower environmental impact compared to conventional cotton. United Colors of Benetton procures organic cotton from certified supply chains, which are controlled by independent bodies that trace the entire manufacturing process, from the plant to the packaging of the finished garment, from the collection of cotton to the production of the thread and fabric.

Recycled cotton comes from pre-consumption scraps (remains from production) and post-consumption (finished fabrics and pieces at their end stages). Once they are collected and divided by color, scraps are then cut into small pieces, unraveled and reused for new productions of already colored yarn.
Throughout the process of regeneration, the cotton fibers shorten under duress. In order to guarantee a finished product of the utmost quality, strength and durability, it is necessary to add virgin cotton fiber (or other types of fiber). All our recycled cotton pieces contain at least 20% of recycled cotton coming from certified supply chain components.