Did something go wrong with your order? No problem! Returns are easy.

Starting from the day your order is delivered, you have 14 working days to complete the online return request that you can find at the bottom of this page.
Start by entering the email you used for the purchase and the order number, and then follow the next steps.
Once you've correctly completed the steps, you will receive a summary email containing the list of items that you wish to return and the type of delivery method you've chosen.
Make sure to select all the items you wish to return: you will be able to return your order only via a single shipment.
Deliver the package within 14 working days of requesting a return
A kind reminder that, in the event of a faulty return procedure (e.g. missing proforma received via email and/or use of a courier different from the one indicated on the label received),
the package will be sent back to the sender and the return will not be authorized for a second time.

Be careful not to remove tags, any accessories or labels: we do not accept returns of products that do not have them.

Customized items may not be returned or exchanged, except in the case of rights related to product warranty.

You can request your return 24 hours after receiving the package.
The procedure is very simple: follow these simple steps.


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