As guardians of the Italian knitwear tradition, we look to the excellence of wool, a biodegradable material that lasts a long time and requires less washing at lower temperatures than other fibers.

In our collections, recycled wool plays an important role. In particular, in United Colors of Benetton garments in recycled wool, using a mix of virgin fiber and recycled fiber (at least 20%) from certified supply chains.

After being manually selected on the basis of color, quality and composition, all accessory components (buttons, zippers, linings, labels, etc.) are removed from the used clothing’s wool and fabric scraps and processing waste and then shredded, eliminating any of the original impurities from the plant. Once returned to its original state, the wool can be spun again to obtain new products.

In this way, raw materials are saved, and the amount of waste and pollutants released into the environment is reduced, while guaranteeing the standard quality of United Colors of Benetton garments.